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Asking the right questions is
 a skill. As communication specialists we “dig deep” to thoroughly research your organization and it’s goals then begin to carefully craft creative cost effective solutions that meet your needs. Our consultancy relationships are built for the long term on trust, creativity and realization of your companies bottom line.

Video Production

Video production and graphic design are powerful tools for businesses and non-profit organizations to create awareness and showcase their work. Whether it’s an image campaign or fundraising for an upcoming event LK Media Design, prides itself in producing customized, cost effective services to meet your company needs.

Design Collateral

As a part of our advertising services we create a variety of print materials; High Definition Artwork for Billboards, Brochures, Handbills, Posters and much more.


Brand Advertising

Your brand is a personality…
it triggers an emotional response within the minds of your audience. With that understanding, we work
closely with you to develop a marketing message specially crafted to inspire your clients and showcase your products and services.

KIM complete experience

Live Event Coverage and Promotion.

It’s a huge event and you need advertising, promotional material, and live coverage of your conference or performance.  Coverage of this magnitude must be carefully planned and precisely executed. We design graphics for print and on-location multi-camera live event coverage for concerts, conferences, stage performances and much more.


The Measles Initiative: Saving Children’s Lives Across Africa
Funded by the, CDC, WHO, UNICEF, UN and American Red Cross.

Measles are especially prevalent in parts of Africa and Asia.  Each year  children die from Measles, over half of those children are in Africa.

Shot on location in Uganda, East Africa, this documentary captures the launch of a 5-year measles immunization campaign to reduce mortality and control the disease worldwide.

truck safety


We understand that motivating employees, standardizing workplace safety operations and developing teamwork are ongoing initiatives for any corporation. That’s why we work closely with instructional designers to create innovative training materials that achieve serious learning objectives.  Whether print, or video web-based training we develop simulations that make learning experiential.  i.


Today’s challenges in education require real solutions. Knowledge is power and access to credible information empowers all learners.  Our educational products and materials
are developed to meet national standards and complement existing curriculums. We cover a broad range of important topics including Emergency Response, Children’s (K-8th grade) Disaster preparedness, Safety Training, Diversity and HIV/AIDS Prevention.


Additional Services Offered

Video Pre-Production
  • Project Management
  • Creative and Concept Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Graphic Design and Development
  • Location Scouting
  • Actor Casting
  • “Real People” Casting
  • Focus Group Testing
  • Set and Stage Design and Construction
Print Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Informational Material Design
  • Training Publication Design
  • Printing and Duplication
Video Production
  • Hi Definition or Standard Definition Videotaping
  • Location or Studio Shooting
  • Soundstage or Studio Audio Recording
  • Production Management
Audio Production
  • Broadcast Radio Scripting
  • Internet Audio Program Scripting
  • Narration Casting and Recording
  • Character Casting and Recording
  • Sound EFX Design
  • Audio Track Mixing
  • Project Management
  • Duplication
Video Post-Production
  • Video Editing on FCP or Avid Systems
  • Audio Design and Editing
  • Video Color Correction
  • CD and DVD Duplication
  • Compression for Internet Video- Flash, .WMV and Quicktime
  • Broadcast Distribution
  • Media Buying
  • Media Tracking

Next Steps…

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