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American Red Cross Shot on location in New York

The American Red Cross Response to
Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents

CINE Golden Eagle Award
The events of September 11th, created an immediate need for this 8-part video training series for all first responders. This series follows the Red Cross disaster relief effort at the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon with coverage of Ground Zero and the surrounding area from the point of view of multi agencies.

The Measles Initiative:  Saving Children’s Lives Across Africa 

$5 Million Campaign Funded by ARC, CDC, UN, WHO and Unicef

Bronze Telly Award
This fundraiser documentary revealed the fact that each year half a million children died from Measles…over half of those children were in Africa. Shot on location in Uganda, East Africa, this documentary captures the launch of a 5-year measles immunization campaign that reduced mortality in and effort to control the disease worldwide.

Children’s Law and Policy (CCLP)

The work of CCLP is focused on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system such as inappropriate incarceration of children and inhuman practices for youth in custody.  This fundraising video uncovers the problem that exist in the juvenile justice system.


Bronze Telly Award

The mission of the American Red Cross is to serve.  Through vital and necessary humanitarians work in partnership with America.  This presentation shows examples of an heroic American spirit.

American Red Cross History

Silver Telly Award

This documentary tells the story of how the American Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement came into being.  With the use of imagery, video and characterization the story was brought   to life and showcased in the ARC  Headquarters museum.